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I am a small, seasonal business owner and in the winter I need to supplement my income. Delivering phone books not only helps, it is hard work and I do not have to go to the gym. I lost 12 pounds in a month! I feel much better and I got paid to do it. Wake up lazy America!

Don Johnson
Denver, CO
DAJ Services, LLC

I am a single mom and delivering phone books gives me flexability. One of my children is in school, I am able to get him on and off the bus. The extra money really helps out.

Kissimee, FL

I really enjoyed working for SDDS Holdings because it has helped me with the much needed extra money in the present economy. It was also very beneficial to operate as an independent contractor and having the convenience and flexibility of setting my own work hours. Thank you for the opportunity to deliver the DEX telephone phone books and I look forward to working with this company in the future.

Delivered over 8 routes.

Gerardo Reyes

Working with SDDS Holdings gave me the independence to set my own schedule and the opportunity to work as much as I wanted. The faster and better I worked the more money I made. The office staff was very supportive, courteous and helpful. With SDDS, we more or less created our own destiny in delivering the DEX telephone books.

Delivered over 34 routes.

Betty Giles

SDDS Holdings has been a customer of ours for about 3 years.  Their personnel have always been friendly, courteous and very consciences while distributing their phonebooks from our warehouse in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul Minnesota.  We hope our relationship continues for many more years and thank you very much for the great job your personnel does for the Twin Cities!

Mark Schmidt
Warehouse Operations Manager
Citi Cargo & Storage

Our experience with SDDS Holdings, Inc. for the last several years has been very good.  The communication between MCC Warehousing, Inc. and their employees is great, making them easy to work with.  Payment of our invoices is always prompt.

Martin A Helverson, Jr.
MCC Warehousing, Inc.

Brook Warehousing Systems has had the pleasure of working with SDDS for the past four (4) years.  The entire staff is extremely professional, very friendly, and wonderful to work with.  I would definitely recommend SDDS to others.

Claudia Zujkoswki
Brook Warehousing Systems

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