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Please select a state below that you would like to view SDDS locations for. States highlighted in blue currently host active and upcoming SDDS deliveries. Additionally, you may scroll down and view a complete listing of locations.

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Binghamton, NY
Burlington, NJ
District of Columbia
Alexandria, VA
West Chester, PA
Dubuque, IA
Main Lines
Phoenixville, PA
Moore County
Southern Pines, NC
Newark-Licking County
Newark-Licking County, OH
Northern Virginia
Alexandria , VA
Old Town
Winston-Salem, NC
Oneida County
Utica , NY
Orange County
Newburgh, NY
Rockland County
Valley Cottage, NY
Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls, SD
Southern Maryland
Waldorf, MD
Suburban Passaic
Wyckoff, NJ
West Chester Area
West Chester, PA