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Can I pick how many and which Telephone Directories I receive at my residence?
Yes, you can go to the web site and choose which directories you would like to receive, how many directories you would like, and even opt out from future deliveries all together.
Can I request not to receive any more phone calls from SDDS Holdings, Inc.?
Yes, please put your information in our "Contact Us" portion of the Home page with a comment requesting to be removed from the call list and we will take your information out of our Database.
How much does it pay?
Pay varies from route to route depending on number of books, number of stops, route type and distance from the station.  Contact your local delivery Field Manager for more details.
When do I get paid?
Pay is issued on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Properly completed routes pay within 4-6 business days.
How do I get paid?
Pay is made on a Comdata prepaid Mastercard which is issued when the first route is completed.
What are the hours?
As an independent contract you can work any daylight hours you choose.  We ask only that routes are completed within three business days.
Can I deliver more than one route?
Absolutely; as soon as a completed route is returned to the delivery station, you are welcome to choose another.
Can I deliver my neighborhood?
If the route is available you are more than welcome to request it.  In fact, we find having independent contractors deliver areas they are familiar with helps these processes go more smoothly.
Can I have a friend help?
Yes.  Please remember, however, routes are assigned and paid to a single independent contractor only.
Where are the routes located?
In most deliveries we have routes in residential and commercial areas.  Many have urban and rural areas.  There is usually a wide variety from which to choose.
How many books are in a route?
All routes vary in size from a few hundred to over a thousand.  No two routes are the same.
How long does the job last?
Deliveries, by nature, are temporary.  They can last anywhere from a week, to six weeks depending on the size of the delivery area.
Do you pay for gas?
No.  As an independent contractor you are responsible for your own expenses, however, stop rates are based on the distance from the delivery station so compensation is made for routes that are a great distance away.
How long does it take to deliver a route?
This is up to the independent contractor.  We ask that routes be completed within three business days, but they can certainly be done more quickly.

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